Designed To Excel

Because of its no-compromise philosophy, Driven Racing Oil can provide power and protection to your performance engine in ways other oils can’t–or won’t Hot rodders and racers spend a lot of time working to to make their cars unique. For hot rodders it’s often an effort to reflect the owner’s unique personality or to simply […]

Frequently Asked Questions – Oil Products

Where can I purchase Driven Racing Oil products? Please see our dealer search feature to find the Driven Racing Oil dealer nearest you. Click Here For Dealer Locator How often should I change the oil? Because Driven Racing Oil is designed to be shear stable, it does not lose viscosity even after 500 miles of […]

Why Use Driven Racing Oil?

Driven Racing Oil, born from Joe Gibbs Racing, is formulated specifically for all-out race and high performance engines. What makes our products different? In simple terms, our products are unique because we always put the “Motor ahead of the Molecule”. While other oil companies are in love with chemistry and have no real world understanding […]

Why Does Driven Not Sell API-Licensed Products?

Why does an oil that appears to be superior to “off-the-shelf” products not meet industry standards such as API SN or GM’s dexos 1? Quite simply, Driven Racing Oil products exceed these standards. The reality of modern “off-the-shelf” lubricants can be summarized in one word – compromise. In order to meet the lowest common denominator […]

History of Driven Racing Oil

1999 – Mark Cronquist and the Joe Gibbs Racing engine department continue to experience flat-tappet camshaft failures on the dyno and at the racetrack. Research begins to find the contributing causes. Use of API rated engine oil is found to be a contributing cause. Development contract is signed and R&D begins on Joe Gibbs Driven Racing […]