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Driven Racing Oil Makes Plans For PRI 2016

Scheduled for December 8 – 10 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, the PRI Show will bring together motorsports companies, buyers and media from around the globe. Driven Racing Oil™ will be located in booth no. 419. There the Driven staff will provide information on its wide-ranging line of synthetic and conventional lubricants, plus display its renowned racing products. New AT synthetic automatic transmission fluids, 80W-90 GL4 Gear Oil and Synthetic DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) Fluid will take center stage. Driven’s XP line of racing oils, BR break-in oils, GO gear oils and cleaners such as Race Wax, Speed Clean and Speed Shield will all be showcased as well.

More information is available at www.pritradeshow.com.

Driven Racing Oil Readies For 2016 SEMA Show

This year Driven Racing Oil™ will be set up in booth no. 22613 from November 1 – 4 in the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Among the new Driven products scheduled for display are two brand new synthetic ATF blends (AT3 and AT6), Conventional 80W-90 GL-4 Gear Oil, Synthetic DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) Fluid, and the new Storage Defender Kit featuring both fuel- and oil-related products to protect classic vehicles. A unique Car Care Kit made up of the cleaners Speed Clean, Speed Shield, Race Wax and an orange micro-fiber towel is slated to be unveiled at the show as well. A wide range of lubricants designed for both street and race use will also be featured. In addition, a variety of knowledgeable sales staff and in-depth literature will be available throughout the week at the SEMA Show. It is the automotive aftermarket industry’s largest trade event.

Carb Defender Small Engine

Driven Racing Oil Carb Defender Small Engine Comes In Easy-To-Use Packets

Driven’s Carb Defender Small Engine additive cleans carburetors from Ethanol-fuel-related deposits that cause poor performance. It is specially formulated for the needs of carbureted motorcycles, ATVs, watercraft, lawn equipment and other gasoline-powered small-engine vehicles that spend most of their life in storage. Carb Defender’s unique blend features additives that control combustion chamber residue, plus clean and protect surfaces of the fuel system and intake tract. It also restores engine performance and stabilizes fuel during off-season storage. The multi-function formula eliminates the need for multiple additives and one packet treats up to five gallons of fuel.

Break-In Gear Oil

Driven Racing Oil 80W-90 Break-In Gear Oil Benefits Gear Teeth

Conventional 80W-90 Break-In Gear Oil from Driven provides excellent break-in protection by utilizing a high EP (extreme pressure) additive package that promotes proper mating of gear sets without scuffing or pitting. By polishing the gear teeth, micro-pitting is eliminated to improve gear durability. A smooth gear surface can carry more load and will last longer. This oil is designed for hypoid and spiral bevel gear sets like those found in 9-inch and quick-change rear ends. It is safe to use in gear boxes and differentials and will not harm brass or copper components. Driven’s 80W-90 Break-In Gear Oil is designed to be drained following the normal break-in cycle (500-700 miles) on new gear sets to remove break-in wear metals. A synthetic gear oil may then be used to get the most protection and efficiency from the rear gear and transmission.



Driven Racing Oil HVL | High Viscosity Lubricant Packets

Driven Racing Oil HVL | High Viscosity Lubricant Packets Provide Break-In Aid

Each 5/8 oz. HVL | High Viscosity Lubricant packet from Driven provides enough lubricant to pre-lube bearings or timing sets in most engines. The packets provide excellent pre-lube for timing chains and piston skirts. The non-foaming product mixes with the break-in oil and extends the film thickness during the break-in process. HVL’s unique, high-load-carrying capacity formula provides proper flow and protection during engine assembly and start-up. The lubricant replaces the use of motor oil and tacky lubes during assembly, and it will not harden or cause parts to become sticky during storage.

Videos: Top Engine Builders Talk Driven Racing Oil

Recently we caught up with some some the most respected engine builders across all forms of street performance and motorsports to find out why they utilize Driven Racing Oil. Click on the below videos to hear their individual stories. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.


KSE Racing Products Endorses Driven Racing Oil™ CSP And Carb Defender™ Race Concentrate

Huntersville, NC – KSE Racing Products has recently begun advocating for the use of Driven Racing Oil™ CSP (Coolant System Protector) and Carb Defender™ Race Concentrate, providing Driven with increased name recognition and sales potential at more than 150 KSE dealers worldwide.

Based just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, KSE Racing Products supplies some of the racing world’s most notable oval track teams, including the likes of Tony Stewart Racing and Kasey Kahne Racing. The renowned company specializes in fluid-power-based products including power steering pumps, steering gears, water pumps and tandem power steering/fuel pumps, making Driven corrosion-inhibiting products ideal companion purchases.

CSP is designed to protect engines from the deposits and corrosion that result from coolants mixed with non-distilled water. It is the perfect choice for use in KSE’s crank-driven water pumps used in various Sprint Car applications. Meanwhile, Carb Defender Race Concentrate utilizes special corrosion inhibitors to prevent damage and diminished performance caused by fuels containing Methanol, Ethanol and the moisture these fuels attract. Race Concentrate is ideal for KSE’s line of fuel pumps, especially those used in Modified and Late Model racing.

“We take great pride in the quality of our fluid-power-based products and we feel that proper maintenance on these systems is the major difference between finding yourself in Victory Lane and finding yourself with a DNF,” said Dan Korrect, KSE VP/Product Engineer. “We were introduced to Driven Racing Oil’s line of corrosion-inhibitor products for the coolant and fuel systems a few years ago and we’ve found that they can help protect your investment by increasing overall product life. We see a lot of our products come in for annual rebuild services and there is undoubtedly a performance advantage to systems using corrosion inhibitors because of the difference seen on internal wear patterns, as well as the improved finish of internal housings and pumping elements.”

Driven Racing Oil™ Unveils Speed Shield

Huntersville, NC – New Speed Shield from Driven is a spray-and-shine protectant that sheds dirt, dust and mud while providing a glossy protective film for a variety of surfaces.

Dirt motorsports enthusiasts know that the worst part of the hobby is cleaning caked-on dirt and mud. Driven Racing Oil™ Speed Shield is the ideal product to make those cleaning headaches a thing of the past. After pressure washing the vehicle, spraying it down with Speed Shield will rinse away the smaller remaining dirt particles and leave a shine that isn’t wet or oily. It does so through the use of advanced surfactant technology to provide a durable, lasting polish that helps prevent mud and dirt from sticking to surfaces. Ideal for off-road, powersports and dirt racing vehicles, this fast-drying, water-resistant product works great on plastic, paint, decals and fiberglass. Driven Speed Shield comes in an aerosol can that utilizes a powerful spraying action to displace dirt. With no wiping required, it makes all cleanups easier.

Part No. 50070 

Driven Racing Oil™ Speed Lube

Huntersville, NC – New Speed Lube from Driven Racing Oil™ is a powerful penetrating and foaming lubricant that works its way into tight surfaces to lubricate hard-to-reach areas.

Utilizing technology derived from Driven’s championship-proven race oils, Speed Lube is a tenacious spray lubricant for all types of chains, linkages, heim joints and bearings. These parts are often left uncleaned, leading to harmful buildup. Speed Lube comes in a convenient aerosol spray can and is specially formulated to provide maximum penetration, lubrication and corrosion protection in hostile environments. It utilizes a proprietary additive package that features a variety of adhesion and anti-wear properties, and it is designed for extended intervals between applications.  

Part No. 50090 (8 oz. can)

New Driven Racing Oil™ HDF Synthetic Fork & Shock Fluid

Huntersville, NC – HDF Fork & Shock Fluid by Driven Racing Oil™ exceeds the performance requirements for all brands of motorcycle fork fluid, and it is also the proper viscosity for Koni, PRO and all twin-tube racing shocks.

This new fluid utilizes next-generation synthetic oil technology to provide consistent, zero-shear, fade-free hydraulic damper performance. The low-friction formulation has been proven in competition. It utilizes a high-viscosity-index base oil and a proprietary additive package that reduces seal drag, improves air release to stop foaming during fluid handling and maintains its viscosity under extreme heat and high loads. It is designed to resist heat, oxidation and varnish. Driven Racing Oil™ Synthetic HDF Fork & Shock Fluid outperforms conventional oils and delivers outstanding performance in extreme powersports and racing applications.

Part No. 50080 (1 qt.)