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What’s In It? HR Conventional 10W-40 Hot Rod Motor Oil

In the factory performance glory days of the late 1960s and early 1970s, most car manufacturers recommended 10W-40 viscosity oil for Big and Small Block muscle car engines. Driven’s HR Conventional 10W-40 Hot Rod Motor Oil is the perfect choice for these classics, as it uses conventional petroleum base oils to provide excellent compatibility with “old school,” cork-and-rope seals. It treats cars with older engines the same way oils did when those immortal horsepower monsters rolled off the showroom floor. This oil is also designed with a secondary-style ZDDP which provides excellent wear protection for cams, lifters, rocker arms, distributor gears, pushrods, wrist pins and cylinder bores.
The oil features a 10W-40 multi-grade formula that provides for easier starting and less start-up wear than straight-grade or heavier-viscosity oils. It also includes the same anti-wear package that the U.S. military employs for storage and transport of combat vehicles and equipment. HR Conventional 10W-40 Oil features unique lubricant technology that prevents rust or corrosion caused by extended periods of storage – or by the use of Ethanol-blended fuels – making it perfect for classic American muscle cars that only see the street in ideal driving weather.

What’s In Driven’s HR 10W-40 Conventional Oil?



Petroleum Base Oils Provides fluid film to lubricate and cool the   engine components
ZDDP Provides anti-wear, corrosion and additional   anti-oxidation protection
Anti-Wear Additives Protects internal engine components from   adhesive wear due to metal-on-metal contact
Dispersants Suspends contaminants and combustion   by-products in the oil to allow them to be carried to the oil filter.   Prevents sludge formation.
Antioxidants Prevents the chemical breakdown of the oil
Friction Modifier Reduces friction between rubbing and sliding   parts
Corrosion Inhibitor Prevents rust and corrosion due to moisture   and acids that invade the engine from the fuel, combustion and atmosphere
Seal-Swell Agent Conditions the seal materials to prevent   leaks
Viscosity Index Improver Improves the viscosity characteristics of the   motor oil
Pour Point Depressant Allows the oil to flow and pump in cold   weather to reduce wear at start-up
Foam Inhibitor Reduces the tendency of the oil to foam


Driven Racing Oil™ HR Synthetic

The HR synthetic oil from Driven Racing Oil™ is formulated to maximize protection, performance and efficiency in classic engines, and is the trusted choice of the top engine builders and parts manufacturers.

Including just the right amount of “Fast Burn” Zinc (ZDDP) and made from a “no compromises” synthetic base, the 10W- 30, 10W-40 and 15W-50 formulas are race-proven and will ensure that your engine has all the crucial anti-wear protection it needs. Even when your hot rod is in storage, the U.S. military-spec rust and corrosion inhibitors will make sure it stays damage-free until it’s time to bring it back on the street or track. Providing extended oil change intervals, synthetic oil is ideal for street rods with crate engines, and is well suited for a wide variety of hot rods, muscle cars and vintage vehicles. With no additives required, the synthetic formula can be used in all emissions equipped vehicles and is compliant with OBDII. If you’re a hot rod owner looking to maximize your fuel economy when you’re on the street or track, or just looking to keep your engine protected during storage periods, look no further than the HR Synthetic blend from Driven Racing Oil.