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Videos: Top Engine Builders Talk Driven Racing Oil

Recently we caught up with some some the most respected engine builders across all forms of street performance and motorsports to find out why they utilize Driven Racing Oil. Click on the below videos to hear their individual stories. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.


New Driven Racing Oil™ HDF Synthetic Fork & Shock Fluid

Huntersville, NC – HDF Fork & Shock Fluid by Driven Racing Oil™ exceeds the performance requirements for all brands of motorcycle fork fluid, and it is also the proper viscosity for Koni, PRO and all twin-tube racing shocks.

This new fluid utilizes next-generation synthetic oil technology to provide consistent, zero-shear, fade-free hydraulic damper performance. The low-friction formulation has been proven in competition. It utilizes a high-viscosity-index base oil and a proprietary additive package that reduces seal drag, improves air release to stop foaming during fluid handling and maintains its viscosity under extreme heat and high loads. It is designed to resist heat, oxidation and varnish. Driven Racing Oil™ Synthetic HDF Fork & Shock Fluid outperforms conventional oils and delivers outstanding performance in extreme powersports and racing applications.

Part No. 50080 (1 qt.)

Driven Racing Oil™ Introduces BR30 Conventional 5W-30 Break-In Oil

Huntersville, NC – BR30 from Driven Racing Oil™ provides unmatched protection while also promoting proper surface mating of internal engine components.

Used by Joe Gibbs Racing to break in and dyno all of its race engines, Driven BR30 is a conventional 5W-30 formula that  is perfect for the first 400 miles on the street, one night of racing or dyno power pulls. It features high levels of Zinc and Phosphorus, as well as a comprehensive additive package that promotes ring seal and provides the maximum protection available for cams and lifters during the initial break-in process. As a result, it does not require any additional ZDDP additives. Driven BR30 also features low levels of detergent for maximum anti-wear film formation. Compatible with Methanol and high-octane race fuels, it is specially formulated for hydraulic lifter valve trains, as well as those used in restrictor plate and drag racing. Driven BR30 is also ideal for OEM rebuilds and hydraulic roller camshaft engines.

Part No. 01806 (1 Qt.); 01807 (Case of 12 Qts.)