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Driven Racing Oil Makes Plans For PRI 2016

Scheduled for December 8 – 10 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, the PRI Show will bring together motorsports companies, buyers and media from around the globe. Driven Racing Oil™ will be located in booth no. 419. There the Driven staff will provide information on its wide-ranging line of synthetic and conventional lubricants, plus display its renowned racing products. New AT synthetic automatic transmission fluids, 80W-90 GL4 Gear Oil and Synthetic DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) Fluid will take center stage. Driven’s XP line of racing oils, BR break-in oils, GO gear oils and cleaners such as Race Wax, Speed Clean and Speed Shield will all be showcased as well.

More information is available at www.pritradeshow.com.

Proper Use of ZDP in Engine Oils

By John Martin, retired Shell engineer

Zinc dithiophosphate or Zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDP) is to engine oils what Tetraethyl Lead is to gasoline. Both are highly specialized chemistries which provide significant performance boosts to the fluids they are placed in. ZDP is the most effective extreme pressure (EP) agent known to oil formulators.

But you can’t just dump these chemicals into any oil and expect maximum performance benefits.

Oil Being Poured

ZDP (often called ZDDP or Zinc) is a highly developed family of chemicals used to give engine oils extremely good protection against metal-to-metal contact, which maximizes valve train longevity. One can’t expect to gain significant increases in performance by just purchasing a ZDP additive and dumping it into a motor oil.

When I was racing Funny Cars years ago, I religiously dumped a can of General Motors (GM) Engine Oil Supplement (EOS) into every oil change in our Funny Car, because I knew it contained ZDP. I was certain the ZDP in EOS would result in much-improved camshaft and lifter durability.

One weekend we ran out of EOS while we were at the track, so I was forced to soldier on without it. Upon subsequent teardown and inspection of that engine the following week, no differences in cam and lifter durability were observed.

Had I been the victim of a marketing ploy? At that time I learned that just because automobile and component manufacturers build engines, it doesn’t mean they know everything about engine oil chemistry and additives. Only engine oil formulators do, and there aren’t that many of them out there.

Why can’t the average racer simply purchase a ZDP supplement and significantly improve the cam and lifter durability of his oil? The primary reason is that the ZDP molecule is a complex chemical in which a metallic substance has been combined with a hydrocarbon to make the metallic material soluble in oil, and dissolving the ZDP into the oil is the key to maximizing ZDP performance.

ZDPs were discovered in the 1940s. They were responsible for allowing increased camshaft lifts that high-powered piston aircraft engines needed to produce sufficient horsepower to outrun their enemies. At the time ZDP was discovered, I doubt that researchers fully understood how it functioned. ZDP forms a sacrificial film on the surfaces of the components it is intending to protect. This film slowly wears away, sacrificing itself instead of allowing metal-to-metal contact.

This functionality allowed engine designers to increase valve lifts significantly to improve engine breathing and valve spring pressures accordingly to prevent valve float on more aggressive camshaft profiles. Over the years many different types of ZDPs have been developed as researchers better understand their properties. Today, ZDP compounds are the result of years of research, performance testing and solubility studies by additive manufacturers.RACE GROUP

At first all ZDPs were very chemically active. They solubilized into the oil quickly and immediately began protecting vital surfaces. However, researchers discovered that very active ZDPs became rapidly depleted and were only able to protect engine components for a short period of time.

The Seq. IV dynamometer engine test was developed to make certain that future, less active, ZDPs were developed to offer engine protection which lasted longer than just a few moments. Today additive manufacturers have even developed ZDPs which protect exhaust emissions equipment (catalytic converters and particulate traps) better than previous ZDPs, and these new ZDPs are found in the current API SN specification motor oils.

Over the years researchers and lube oil blenders discovered that a good ZDP could be rendered practically useless by improper blending of the lubricant.  Most ZDPs activate in a distinct temperature range. Different ZDPs activate at different temperatures. Temperature activation is designed to occur at those temperatures experienced by the camshaft/lifter interface. If ZDP is added to cold oils, it may not go into solution at all and precipitate out into the crankcase. If ZDP is added to overly hot oil, the ZDP may activate in the crankcase (or sump) before getting to the valve train components it is supposed to protect.

Good lubricants are mixtures of 10-12 separate chemicals which are blended together at specific temperatures in a defined order.

ZDP is added only at that point where blenders can be certain that the oil will no longer exceed the ZDP activation temperature. I don’t know what those temperatures are, and I’ll bet you don’t know either.


Another blending concern with ZDPs is the oil you are adding it to. As I said previously, ZDP forms a sacrificial film on the surfaces of the components it is intended to protect. Some highly compounded (high levels of additives) oils such as diesel engine oils contain considerable quantities of detergents to protect the engines from the harmful effects of soot (unburned Carbon). Detergents act in much the same way as ZDP. They must be absorbed on the surface to do their job.

The detergents in high-detergent oils often compete with the ZDP for the cam and lifter surfaces, resulting in those components having insufficient metal surface for the ZDP film to be effective. ZDP must be kept separate from detergents during the blending process. That’s why most racing oils contain low levels of detergents – the ZDP is more effective for better valve train protection.

The safest way to ensure maximum camshaft and lifter protection is to purchase engine oils specifically compounded for your application. It’s always best to let an experienced oil formulator and blender put your oil together for you. It may cost a bit more, but it will be well worth it in the long run. A properly formulated racing oil will not only protect cams and lifters, but it can also extend the life of valve springs. Saving a racer a set of valve springs can more than offset the extra cost of a properly formulated oil.


What’s In It? Driven Racing Oil KRT4-Stroke Karting 0W-20

Not only is kart racing one of the most popular forms of motorsports in the world, it is also one of the most technologically advanced. KRT 4-Stroke Karting 0W-20 from Driven Racing Oil is purpose-built for complex four-stroke kart engines running on either gasoline or race fuel. Ideal for Clone and Honda power plants, KRT uses a combination of advanced PAO, mPAO and TMP Ester base oils. This “trifecta” of synthetic base stocks provides the ideal combination of reduced friction, temperature stability and load-carrying capacity that these engines require.

KRT also uses proprietary anti-wear and friction-reducing additives to protect cams and lifters as well as piston skirts, bearings and other vital engine parts. However, these additives not only offer protection as they provide dyno-proven power gains of as much as .4 horsepower.

Because kart engines are splash-lubricated it is important have excellent air-release and low-foaming tendencies, so KRT was formulated to provide both of these key attributes as well.

In simplest terms, KRT 4-Stroke Karting OW-20 is designed to help kart engines make as much power as possible on each and every lap.

What’s In KRT 4-Stroke Karting OW-20 Oil?



PAO, mPAO and TMP Ester base oils Provide fluid film to lubricate and cool the   engine components; reduce friction, provide temperature stability &   necessary load-carrying capacity
Anti-Wear & Friction-Reducing Additives Protect internal engine components from   adhesive wear due to metal-on-metal contact; increase HP
Dispersants Suspends dirt and combustion blow-by products   in the oil
Antioxidants Prevents the chemical breakdown of the oil
Friction Modifier Reduces friction between rubbing and sliding   parts
Corrosion Inhibitor Prevents rust and corrosion due to moisture   and acids that invade the engine from the fuel, combustion and atmosphere
Seal-Swell Agent Conditions the seal materials to prevent   leaks
Viscosity Index Improver Improves the viscosity characteristics of the   motor oil
Anti-Foam Agents Specially selected to provide the air-release   required for a splash-lubricated engine


Driven Racing Oil™ Announces 2014 Display Trailer Program

Huntersville, NC –The staff at Driven Racing Oil™ will embark on an ambitious trailer schedule in 2014, hitting some of the most prestigious automotive events across the United States.

The 2014 show season will mark the first trailer program in the history of Driven Racing Oil. The fast-growing lubricant company will share a display trailer with AutoMeter, AirRaid and Moser starting in early April at the 14th Goodguys Del Mar Nationals in Del Mar, CA. The Driven display will hit nearly three dozen events throughout the course of the year, including the entire Hot Rod Power Tour, Car Craft Summer Nationals, NSRA Street Rod Nationals, Turkey Rod Run and a wide range of Goodguys and other events through late November.

The trailer will stock a full selection of Driven products including Carb Defender™, a full line of race and street motor oils, Race Wax, Gear Oil and much more. Each of these items will be available for purchase at every event, while knowledgeable techs will also be on hand to provide advice and answer questions.

Apr 26-27: Spring Carlisle Swap Meet – Carlisle, PA

May 3-4: AutoMeter Class Nationals – Columbus, OH

May 17-18: GoodGuys – Nashville, TN

May 24-25: NSRA – Springfield, MO

Jun 7-15: Hot Rod Power Tour – Charlotte, NC to Wisconsin Dells, WI

Jun 21-22: Super Summit – Talmadge, OH

Jun 28-29: Car Craft Street Machine Nationals – DuQuoin, IL

Jul 5-6: GoodGuys – Des Moines, IA

Jul 12-13: GoodGuys – Columbus, OH

Jul 19-20: Car Craft Summer Nationals – St. Paul, MN

Aug 2-3: NSRA – Louisville, KY

Aug 9-10: Mopar Nationals – Columbus, OH

Aug 16-17: Ozarks Antique Auto Club Swap Meet – Springfield, MO

Sept 6-7: Shades of the Past – Pigeon Forge, TN

Sept 13-14: Fall Grand Run – Pigeon Forge, TN

Sept 20-21 Charlotte Auto Fair – Charlotte, NC

Sept 27-28: O’Reilly Fall Street Machine Nationals – Springfield, MO

Oct 4-5: GoodGuys – Ft. Worth, TX

Oct 11-12: Cruisin’ the Coast – Biloxi, MS

Nov 22-23: Moultrie Swap Meet – Moultrie, GA

Nov 29-30: Turkey Rod Run – Daytona Beach, FL

Behind-The-Scenes Video: Why Driven Racing Oil™ Is Different

Huntersville, NC – This new, three-and-a-half minute video details how Driven Racing Oil™ separates itself from the competition in the lubricant industry.

Driven Racing Oil is not like most oil companies. While many utilize a base chemistry and apply it across as many applications as possible, Driven takes the opposite approach. In this video, Lake Speed Jr., Driven’s Certified Lubrication Specialist, explains how the brand provides application-specific engineering. This technique provides the end user with the knowledge that each product is created just for his or her needs. It doesn’t matter if the product is for a high-level race team or a street enthusiast; Driven’s attention to detail remains the same. Speed goes on to talk about how Driven is always evolving, thereby allowing it to serve customers’ needs more quickly and accurately than some of the bigger oil companies. He also details how a customer calling Driven will speak directly with the individual who formulated the product, an unheard of occurrence at most companies. Finally, he looks toward the future and gives viewers a glimpse of what’s coming next.

All videos from Driven Racing Oil are available on our YouTube channel at youtube.com/drivenracingoil.

Driven Racing oil

Driven Racing Oil™ Syncromesh Transmission Fluid

Huntersville, NCDriven Racing Oil™ Synchromesh Transmission Fluid is a specially formulated, advanced synthetic lubricant designed to far exceed the lubrication requirements of synchronized manual transmissions and transaxles.

Synchromesh Transmission Fluid from Driven protects gears, bearings and internal clutches in extreme temperatures. It outperforms conventional oils and delivers outstanding performance in the extreme environments experienced by applications such as track day cars and race vehicles. This transmission fluid reduces friction, heat and wear, while improving shifting characteristics and lowering operating temperatures. Designed to exceed performance requirements for General Motors, Chrysler, Honda and Mini Cooper synchronized transmissions, Synchromesh Transmission Fluid features advanced synthetic base stocks, multifunctional performance additives, corrosion inhibitors, a foam suppressor and a shear stable viscosity index improver additive. It provides excellent synchronizer performance and compatibility with yellow metals, such as bronze, brass and copper components found in manual transaxles and transmissions. Driven Racing Oil Syncromesh Transmission Fluid is recommended for manual transmissions that require automatic transmission fluids, multi-viscosity motor oils or straight grade motor oils. It is also ideal for 2-cycle gear boxes. Not for use in engines, hypoid rear axles or limited-slip applications.

Driven Racing Oil™ SHX Shock Fluid

Huntersville, NC Driven’s SHX Shock Fluid utilizes next generation synthetic oil technology to provide consistent, fade-free shock performance.

The new SHX Shock Fluid from Driven Racing Oil™ uses revolutionary synthetic oil technology to create shock performance that won’t fade over time. The fluid is a synthetic, competition proven formulation that utilizes a proprietary additive package to reduce seal drag, improve air release during fluid handling and maintain viscosity under extreme heat and high loads. In fact, the KRL Shear Test has proven it to have no viscosity loss. Driven SHX Shock Fluid outperforms conventional oils and delivers outstanding performance in extreme environments such as those found in off-road trucks, UTVs, motorcycles, track day cars, race vehicles and more. It is recommended for use in all shock absorber applications.


Driven Racing Oil™ Carb Defender™ Race Concentrate

Huntersville, NC– Designed for carbureted engines that use Methanol, E85 or Oxygenated race fuel, Driven’s Carb Defender™Race Concentrate prevents corrosion and deposits in the fuel system and intake tract.

Driven’s Carb Defender Race Concentrate delivers specially formulated additives that protect against carburetor corrosion and induction deposits. Special corrosion inhibitors work to prevent damage and diminished performance caused by fuels containing Methanol and Ethanol, as well as the moisture these fuels attract. This powerful new additive controls combustion chamber residue, plus cleans and protects surfaces of the fuel system and intake tract. Carb Defender Race Concentrate also contains a multi-functional lubricant so “top lubes” are not required. Just one bottle of additive treats up to 55 gallons of fuel, and the bottle features a handy view strip to let users measure out doses for as little as five gallons of gas. Driven Racing Oil™ Carb Defender Race Concentrate works with Methanol, E85 and race fuels, and it is compatible with spec fuel and water tests.


2014 Driven Racing Oil™ Master Catalog

Huntersville, NC – The 2014 Driven Racing Oil™ Master Catalog is available in print and for download at www.drivenracingoil.com.

Driven Racing Oil™ is a fast-growing leader in the world of high performance lubricant technology. Born from Joe Gibbs Racing, Driven has recently refined its branding and produced a cutting-edge new logo that reflects the mission and spirit of the company: Driven to Win. This brand new, 40-page catalog features Driven’s cutting-edge new look and includes a complete listing of all the high-quality performance products the company offers. Driven Racing Oil provides engine oils, driveline lubricants and other fluids for race cars, hot rods and street performance machines, as well as powersport and marine applications. Each product featured in the catalog is accompanied by a detailed description and full-color photo. In addition the featuring Driven’s full line of racing and street performance oils, the catalog covers notable new product additions such as Carb Defender™ Fuel Additive, SHX Shock Fluid, Syncromesh Transmission Fluid and Limited Slip Gear Oil. The catalog also includes a variety of updates and information on the latest trends and technology in the lubricant industry. Topics include: a primer on Zinc, Driven’s use of mPAO, oil myths and the benefits of synthetic oil. The 2014 Driven Racing Oil Master Catalog will be available in print at the PRI Trade Show and can be downloaded for free at www.drivenracingoil.com. To receive a physical copy, please email [email protected].

Driven Racing Oil™ BR40 Break-In Oil

Huntersville, NC New BR40 Break-In Oil from Driven Racing Oil™ is specially formulated to provide your engine with the proper foundation for maximum durability and performance during the critical break-in period.

Driven’s new BR40 Break-In Oil features a conventional 10W-40 viscosity that’s perfect for motorcycle, classic muscle car and European sports car engines. BR40 not only delivers maximum scuffing protection, it also contains an anti-wear formulation that doesn’t rely on friction modifiers, which helps promote proper ring seating. Ideal for use in flat tappet and aggressive roller cam engines, the BR40 blend is formulated to improve ring seal without increasing wear, and is good for dyno testing, a night of racing or up to 400 miles on the street. With no Zinc (ZDDP) added, the BR40 Break-In Oil is best used with Ethanol-blended fuels, pure Methanol fuels and oxygenated race fuels. Just combine BR40 with a proper break-in procedure, and you can be sure that you’ve done everything required to ensure both maximum engine performance and service life.