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What’s In It? Driven Racing Oil FR50 Synthetic 5W-50 Performance Motor Oil

Ford Coyote engines are some of the most unique and stout power plants available today. However, these engines also require an oil that is formulated specifically for the blue oval’s one-of-a-kind Coyote design. Driven’s FR50 Synthetic 5W-50 Performance Motor Oil is a competition-proven formulation that provides the required viscosity for these engines and variable valve timing systems. At the same time, the oil delivers the wear protection needed for upgrades like performance cams. FR50 also utilizes a low volatility formula that guards against oil vaporization and foaming. Eliminating this problem reduces oil consumption and prevents inconsistent cam phaser performance.

The aforementioned low volatility formula in FR50 is a full synthetic that uses Group IV+ base oils. This means they contain mPAO, the most innovative synthetic base available. These oils have a broad temperature range and are great for use in extreme cold conditions and high heat applications. The mPAO base oils also deliver a high viscosity index, excellent air release properties and incredible shear stability. In addition, FR50 uses shear stable polymers that complement the mPAO base oils to deliver the most shear stable 5W-50 grade oil on the market. FR50 is ideal for crate up to supercharged Ford Coyote engines.

What’s In FR50 Synthetic 5W-50 Performance Motor Oil?



mPAO Base Oils Provide fluid film to lubricate and cool the   engine components; deliver a higher viscosity index, better air release and   incredible shear stability
Shear Stable Polymers Complement mPAO base oils to deliver the most   shear stable 5W-50 grade oil on the market
Anti-Wear Additives Protects internal engine components from   adhesive wear due to metal-on-metal contact
Dispersants Suspends contaminants and combustion   by-products in the oil to allow them to be carried to the oil filter; prevents   sludge formation
Antioxidants Prevents the chemical breakdown of the oil
Friction Modifier Reduces friction between rubbing and sliding   parts
Corrosion Inhibitor Prevents rust and corrosion due to moisture   and acids that invade the engine from the fuel, combustion and atmosphere
Seal-Swell Agent Conditions the seal materials to prevent   leaks
Viscosity Index Improver Improves the viscosity characteristics of the   motor oil
Pour Point Depressant Allows the oil to flow and pump in cold   weather to reduce wear at start-up
Foam Inhibitor Reduces the tendency of the oil to foam


Driven Racing Oil™ Syncromesh Transmission Fluid

Huntersville, NCDriven Racing Oil™ Synchromesh Transmission Fluid is a specially formulated, advanced synthetic lubricant designed to far exceed the lubrication requirements of synchronized manual transmissions and transaxles.

Synchromesh Transmission Fluid from Driven protects gears, bearings and internal clutches in extreme temperatures. It outperforms conventional oils and delivers outstanding performance in the extreme environments experienced by applications such as track day cars and race vehicles. This transmission fluid reduces friction, heat and wear, while improving shifting characteristics and lowering operating temperatures. Designed to exceed performance requirements for General Motors, Chrysler, Honda and Mini Cooper synchronized transmissions, Synchromesh Transmission Fluid features advanced synthetic base stocks, multifunctional performance additives, corrosion inhibitors, a foam suppressor and a shear stable viscosity index improver additive. It provides excellent synchronizer performance and compatibility with yellow metals, such as bronze, brass and copper components found in manual transaxles and transmissions. Driven Racing Oil Syncromesh Transmission Fluid is recommended for manual transmissions that require automatic transmission fluids, multi-viscosity motor oils or straight grade motor oils. It is also ideal for 2-cycle gear boxes. Not for use in engines, hypoid rear axles or limited-slip applications.

Driven Racing Oil™ SHX Shock Fluid

Huntersville, NC Driven’s SHX Shock Fluid utilizes next generation synthetic oil technology to provide consistent, fade-free shock performance.

The new SHX Shock Fluid from Driven Racing Oil™ uses revolutionary synthetic oil technology to create shock performance that won’t fade over time. The fluid is a synthetic, competition proven formulation that utilizes a proprietary additive package to reduce seal drag, improve air release during fluid handling and maintain viscosity under extreme heat and high loads. In fact, the KRL Shear Test has proven it to have no viscosity loss. Driven SHX Shock Fluid outperforms conventional oils and delivers outstanding performance in extreme environments such as those found in off-road trucks, UTVs, motorcycles, track day cars, race vehicles and more. It is recommended for use in all shock absorber applications.


Driven Racing Oil™ FR50 Synthetic 5W-50

Huntersville, NC The new FR50 synthetic from Driven Racing Oil™ is specifically formulated for the unique needs of Ford Coyote engines.

The Ford Coyote is one of today’s most popular performance power plants from the blue oval. Coyote-equipped Mustang GTs are widely seen on the street and strip throughout the country. However, these engines require a unique 5W-50 viscosity oil to run optimally in regards to variable valve timing systems while delivering the wear protection needed for performance cams. Driven Racing Oil has achieved this task in creating FR50—a full synthetic lubricant that features a shear stable formula to resist viscosity breakdown. Its low volatility formulation also guards against oil vaporization and foaming, resulting in reduced oil consumption and the prevention of inconsistent cam phaser performance. And like all Driven products, FR50 uses the revolutionary mPAO base for unmatched performance and protection in high temperature high shear environments.



Driven Racing Oil™ HD50 Synthetic 15W-50

Huntersville, NCNew HD50 synthetic motor oil from Driven is engineered specifically for modified Harleys with performance cams. Its specialized ingredients reduce friction, provide anti-wear protection as well as extended oil change intervals, and is even compatible with wet clutches.   

The unique 15W-50 blend utilizes just the right amount of Zinc (ZDDP) in addition to U.S. military-spec rust and corrosion additives. This formula provides protection for roller camshafts and counteracts the corrosion and other damage that can be caused during bike storage periods, even accounting for the additional challenges posed by wet clutch systems. Because it uses a next generation mPAO synthetic base, the HD50 delivers a 50% higher viscosity index compared to conventional oils.  Plus, its careful balance of detergents and “fast burn” Zinc enables it to protect even the most aggressive camshafts.   Air-cooled engines generate extreme temperatures, but HD50 has you covered by protecting against the deposits, burn-off and thermal breakdown that can occur with this setup. Its competition proven formula, combined with its “no compromises” synthetic base that provides extended oil change intervals, make Driven HD50 the trust­ed choice of top motorcycle builders.

Driven Racing Oil™ Tric-Loc Clutch Oil

Huntersville, NC Driven Tric-Loc Clutch Oil has been developed and track tested to deliver consistent clutch engagement performance over a wide range of temperatures and loads.

Specifically formulated for modern and vintage wet clutches, new Tric-Loc Clutch Oil from Driven Racing Oil™ is a full synthetic lubricant featuring Type F friction modifiers designed to provide firm shifts and dependable clutch engagement. This long-lasting, 30-weight formula supplies a wide temperature operating range to reduce the risk of clutch-related performance issues. It also utilizes dialed-in viscometric properties to lower clutch temperature.  Extensive testing at the track and in the lab has proven that the advanced synthetic chemistry of Tric-Loc Clutch Oil makes for a more stable clutch fluid that yields better and more consistent performance than competing brands. It is the perfect choice for karts and is ideal for all wet clutch applications including motorcycle transmissions with internal clutches separate from the motor oil